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Structural – New Buildings and Modifications
- Steel, Wood and Concrete
- Foundations:  Shallow, deep (pile supported)
- Framing design
- Bulkheading and Retaining Walls:
- Shoreline Bulkheads - 
---- Steel, wood and concrete
---- Vinyl and composite fiberglass
---- Cantilever and tie-back designs

- Retaining Walls -

HVAC Conventional and Unconventional (geo-thermal and solar)

Electrical and Plumbing
Site and Building

Fire Protection
Sprinklers, RPZ and DCVs, Alarms and Notifications Systems

Planning and schematic design, sub-divisions, septic design, contamination remediation engineering and design of clean-up systems.

Building Restoration
Fire and Water Damage
Historic Re-design

Expert Witness Testimony:   If you feel you’ve been wronged – call us!